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Propane: The Practical Prepper Fuel

When it comes to propane, most people’s familiarity extends as far as summer cookouts with the grill, or the lead character of the King of the Hill TV show. It’s often overlooked as a fuel worth stockpiling.

Propane is priced similarly to diesel and gasoline. While it may not have as diverse of a usability, it still can power a fair number of different items. Finding propane powered generators or appliances isn’t difficult. Even so, the lack of versatility remains to be propane’s biggest weakness. If you don’t have a propane powered item before the SHTF, then odds are you won’t find one after. You also need to treat propane tanks with additional caution, due to their pressurized nature.

One benefit it has over the others is its storability. If stored in a tank of good condition, it can even outlive you and your family. This is just about ideal for preppers, it means you can store it away and be fine, No need to worry about it going stale.

If gasoline, diesel, or other liquid fuels are more along your alley, then we recommend reading our article about safe practices when storing fuel long-term.

Safe Practices When Storing Fuel Long-Term

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  1. Afton Jackson June 6, 2022

    Reading the segment of your article that talked about how easy it is to store propane was extremely helpful. I’m always the kind of person who likes to be ready for anything, so having a source of fuel in case things go haywire sounds great for us. I’ll look for any propane gas delivery services that I can count on when we make the switch to those kinds of appliances.

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