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While practicing OPSEC is an important part of prepping, you don’t have to be alone. As a matter of fact, there are survival expos all across the United States. If you’ve been wanting to find mass gatherings of like-minded individuals, learning new tips and getting new gear, then you may want to check out what’s near you. Here are a few examples of expos based on your region.

Northeastern United States

The New England Bushcraft & Outdoor Expo in Charlton, Massachusetts is a popular choice for anyone interested in wilderness adventure and survival. They have workshops, vendors, and skill training over a 22-acre space. It’s family friendly and kids under 10 get in free.

Central United States

The Survival, Gun, & Outdoor Show in Rock Island, Illinois is a large scale expo featuring over 400 vendors. There are stalls specializing in everything from survival, ammo, fishing, firearms, optics, and more. There isn’t a better place to get nearly everything you need.

Southern United States

The South Atlanta Survival Expo & Gun Show-RK Prepper in Atlanta, Georgia is another popular catch-all prepper convention. They have booths with demonstrations, gear, and daily expert seminars.

Western United States

The Southern Utah Self-Reliance Conference in South Washington, Utah focuses more on the idea of preparedness than exuberance. This is a fantastic event to attend if you’re wanting to expand your ability to be ready for anything

And More

There are hundreds of prepper style conventions around the U.S., these were just a few. Try searching [your state] prepper expos online to find more options near you.

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