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Some of the Potential Benefits of a Cold Shower

Over the last few years, there has been an increasingly growing conversation regarding something more archaic: cold showers. What was once the only option eventually is becoming the enlightened choice in self-care. But how?

Having access to hot water is a luxury every man should have, no doubt. Taking a hot shower can be an enjoyable way to relax in a literal shower of warmth. But studies have shown that adding a bit of cool water to the mix can prove beneficial both physically and mentally. This doesn’t even have to be a cold shower the whole time. Many folks simple “rinse” with cold water, while others conclude their showers with a minute or two of cold water.

Weight Loss and Energy Gain

According to a report by, exposure to the cold stimulates the production of brown adipose tissue, the type of fat that burns energy and sugars to generate heat as a defense mechanism. To speak simply: it burns your fat to stay warm. Non-dangerous exposure to a cool shower can help encourage more BAT.

Better Immune Systems

According to reports by, cold water coming in contact with your skin triggers endorphin generation in your brain to boost your immune system. Your body thinks you’re being exposed to the elements and wants to keep you safe from it after all. Regular cold showers can lead to stronger immunity in the long run.

better Hair and Skin

Warm water is good for clearing your skin pores and hair follicles. the heat opens them up, allowing them to be cleared out. They also allow more dirt and oils to make their way back in. Concluding a shower with some colder water will help close the pores and follicles back up again before you go out and get dirty again. This means your skin and hair will stay clean and healthy for longer.

Mental Refreshment

Cold water is commonly used to clear the mind in a number of cultures. Some believe it is because it helps reduce body temperature, and in turn, heart rate. This can lead to a calm body, which also promotes a calm mind.

It can also provide the opposite effect, a wave of stimulation to kickstart your mind in the morning. It’s a lot easier to tackle a hard day when you’re not still groggy from waking up.

Fight Depression

While a cold shower sounds like the epitome of sadness, it can actually help fight it. A recent medical study showed that cold showers trigger electrical impulses in the brain’s “blue spot.” This is the brain’s primary source of noradrenaline, a chemical in the brain that affects alertness and energy commonly seen in the fight or flight response. This can help folks combat the lethargic effects of depression. Be careful, though. Noradrenaline also can increase anxiety.

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