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How to Respond to Electrical Shocks

If you’ve taken toward home repair in your prepper travels, or simply as part of homeownership, odds are you’ve had to tinker with electrical systems to some degree. There’s a real danger to be found there, however. An electrical injury can very quickly go from nothing to lethal, even with something as simple as replacing an outlet.

Handling an incident of this nature is problematic. Doing it wrong can make the situation worse instead of better. Here’s how to handle thing if you or someone around you experiences an electrical injury.

Before You Touch Them

The first thing to do is check to see if the victim is still in contact with the electrical source and whether or not you run the risk of coming into contact with it. If so, do not approach them. Regardless of if they are or not, shut off power to the electrical source, if possible. If you can, use a non-conductive item, such as wood, cardboard, or plastic, to move the victim away from the danger source. Finally, Call 911, or ask someone else to do so. Ask a person directly, instead of “someone.” Direct commands will result in faster action being taken. Report the situation to them.

Assess the Victim and React

First check for consciousness. If they are not awake, attempt to rouse them with shouts and mild shaking. If they remain unresponsive, check for heart rate and breathing. If they have both, leave them be until medical professionals arrive. If not, its recommended to begin administering CPR. Only Administer CPR only if you are trained and certified. While it can help keep them alive longer, improper practice can hinder more than help. We highly recommend contacting your local fire station or hospital about getting certified. Once you begin CPR, continue to do so until the medical professionals take over.

Prevention Saves

The simplest way to survive an electrical shock is to not have it happen at all. Be sure to cut the power to an area before working on any projects that involve electricity. Or even better, hire an electrician to do it.

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