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Safe Practices When Storing Fuel Long-Term

Storing goods and supplies is a staple of prepping. When things break bad, you’ll have to rely on what you already have to get by. One of the hardest, and quickest to go, commodities is fuel. natural disasters will bring broken fuel lines and massive price spikes. And lord only knows what kind or regulations may take place in a government fallout.

The problem is that fuel isn’t exactly easy to store. It’s not like water in that you can just dump it in any barrel. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re looking to store away fuel.

Like Old Bread

Gasoline can go stale. It’s not something most people consider since they use it regularly. If you’re wanting to store it for extended periods of time, you’ll want to treat it with chemical stabilizer.

Like My Mix Tape

Is your fuel underground? Below surface storage is common for fuel. If you were to do this, make sure you bury it below the frost line. This will help prevent evaporation. Make sure underground fuel supplies are legal in your state before trying this.

Steel, not Plastic

When choosing a storage container, the best choice is a 55-gallon steel drum. Do not use plastic drums. The gasoline will react with the plastics, breaking down your drum over time and gets into your fuel. Assuming an above-ground drum, stick with steel, either placed vertically with a hand pump or on its side with a spigot.

Keep it Cool

Store it in a shaded location. Sunlight will speed up the oxidation process of the fuel. Not to mention the temperature swings of sunlight will cause condensation build up. This is why it is often recommended a valve be placed on the bottom of the container, to allow for drainage. Condensation can also be avoided by having a full container. No room to condensate.

Be safe with your fuels, preppers. I’d hate to have to report an avoidable accident.

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