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Which Dog is a Prepper’s Best Friend?

Not everyone has to prep alone. Many folks get a furry friend to accompany them and their family. But what is the best prepper dog to get? Dogs, their personalities, and their physical conditions can vary as greatly as we humans can.

Generally speaking, the best choice is a hunting dog. They’re able to handle physically exerting tasks like hunting, hiking, and so on. But there are a few things to consider when choosing a hunting dog.

They’re natural hunters, making them inclined to chase and kill small prey. If you have such pets at home, mice, rabbits, even cats, then you should exercise caution when introducing said pet to your home. It’ll time a lot of time and patience to properly train your dog.

What Makes a Good Hunting Dog?

You can’t just ask a shelter “what kind of hunting dogs do you have?” You need to pick out one for yourself. There’s a fair number of traits that make for a good dog. When browsing, try and choose the dog that has the most of these qualities.

  • Calm and obedient, well tempered
  • Brave, to face the frightening aspects of the hunt, also gunshots
  • Endurance and Stamina, to keep up with the physical aspects
  • Smart, makes them easier to train and a clever hunter
  • Strong, particularly in the jaw. Unless it’s for birds, then soft jaws are better
  • Perceptive, Good at sight and sound tracking, so you don’t lose the target
  • Short Hair, long hair weighs down and gets caught on things

There’s a lot to consider, it can be overwhelming. If you want to go with the “fan favorite” option, we recommend a German Short Haired Pointer. They’re not too large, fast, strong, and durable, making them a great hunting dog. They’re also rather affectionate and playful, making them good family companions.

Be Prepared

Getting a pet, hunting or otherwise, is a serious commitment. Don’t be hasty and make sure your willing to give them the time, money, and energy needed in caring for one. All that standard stuff your parents told you as a kid.

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