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The Facts and Fiction About Goats

Goats are a common livestock animal, and even more common a prepper animal of choice. They’re smaller, while still being able to provide milk, as well as meat and furs. They’ll happily eat your food scraps, and even your weeds, not to mention their manure makes for good fertilizer. They’re a fantastic livestock animal for anyone looking to secure independent food sources.

Though it’s important you understand a living creature if you intend to care for one. People often are put off from investing in a goat, due to some false information spread about them. Even if you don’t intend to get one, it’s good knowledge to have prepared, in case you ever need it. Here are a few myths and rumors about goats that aren’t actually true.

Only male goats have beards

This isn’t true. Goats don’t have “facial hair” at all, so to speak. They’re just furred, like most mammals. Female goats will also have what look like goatees to us. That’s just how their hair forms.

Goats are smelly

Again, not true. Keeping a goat clean and healthy will keep them from producing a smell. The stink that people associate with goats is usually the result of a crowded petting zoo or farmland, where a certain smell is inevitable.

Goats are mean

Goats are animals. If you treat them poorly, they’ll do so in return. Unfortunately, the single unruly or aggravated goat can leave a bad rep for the rest of them. Goats are social creatures, treat them well, and they will treat you with equal kindness.

Goats can replace lawn mowers

While goats do eat grass, don’t expect any degree of lawn care. They’ll sooner eat patches away, not a uniform height. They also like to eat other foods besides grass, and its important to proper goat care to make sure they’re getting their nutrition.

Goats will eat anything

On the other end of things, goats don’t actually eat anything. Tin cans are a common joke made, though an obviously false one. Plants and vegetables are their primary diet. Be careful they don’t confuse your clothes for a flower, however.

The video linked below is an excellent resource that touches on these same myths if you’re interested in learning more with a visual medium.

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