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The Usefulness of Canoes, How to Use Them

Summertime is here, and with it comes the summer heat. It’s about time to talk about canoes.

Last year, some friends of mine asked me to join them for a local Kayak/Canoe rental service. We arrived together, got our rental gear, and floated our way about 2/3rd a mile through some wilderness. Upon reaching our end destination, the service offered a shuttle back to the beginning where we parked. I was surprised by how therapeutic the experience was. The cool water and tree-made shade helped stave off the heat, and the natural calm of the woods reduced stress.

There’s a prepper benefit to canoeing as well. Should you have a bug out location-based around a river or stream, then canoeing can be a helpful and efficient mode of transportation. Boating out to the middle of the lake will allow for reaching the best fish for hunting. It will also provide a quick escape from attackers, man and beast alike, that aren’t nearly as buoyant.

Regardless of your reasons, knowing how to properly canoe will come in handy. While it’s not hard, it isn’t so easy that you can just guess how to best go about it. These tips will help you go from pond skimmer

Know Your Role

This is the most common bit of information. If you’re in front, your job is pace. Paddle regularly on both sides of the canoe. Your only worry is how fast you’re going. The person in the back should care more about direction than power. Focus on turning your canoe as needed. Use a J-stroke to make small corrections. Make sure you’re paddling on the opposite side as your partner, alternating occasionally.

Don’t Wind Yourself

Fighting the wind will only tire you out. This doesn’t mean paddling against the breeze, as much as not being blown broadside. Wind will tip over a canoe easier. Direct yourself at angles to the wind to avoid this. Have the sternman paddle on the downwind side of the canoe.

Take it Easy

If you need to correct your path, don’t go hard toward your correction. Use the paddle as a rudder for smaller, more controlled turning. Whoever is up front shouldn’t try to help correct the angle, they should simply keep the pace.

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