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Strange Purple Light Seen in the Philippines

Being prepared sometimes means against things unknown. Recently something very unknown happened in the Philippines. A strange purple light can be seen emanating from within the clouds.

This phenomenon caused confusion and concern in the local residents. Many reported that the light grew brighter as the clouds moved.

The strange occasion went viral when popular conspiracy theory youtube channel secureteam10 posted video footage of the clouds.

Video producer Tyler Glockner had this to say.

“This light, according to viewers who saw it definitely emanated from the cloud, there was nothing coming from below.
. . .
It was as if it was partially covered by thick cloud cover and what they said was strange was at the end how quickly the light just shut off.”

Some believe this to be a mystical event, a portal to another dimension. Others believe it may be coming from an unknown flying object. Regardless which, how does one even prepare for something so strange?

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