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With Springtime Storms Come New Risks

Springtime is coming, despite what groundhogs say. It’s starting to reach the point where we need to be prepared for the changing season. With the warmer weather comes a different kind of danger: Severe weather.

Now we’re going from cold air to a mix of warm and cold air. This mixture causes some funky flow to happen in the sky, which creates problems like Thunderstorms, flooding, and sometimes tornados.

Thunderstorms are dangerous for a good number of reasons. The heavy rainfall can harm garden crops and leak into an unsealed shelter, while the wind and lightning can cause power outages and direct damage to belongings and property. Waterproof row covers can help protect the plants, and making sure your home is safe and leak free is good, but you cant prevent the rest. We have a guide on ways to cook food without power, should the situation occur.

Then there’s flooding. Floods take all the bad parts of rainstorms and make them so much worse. Water damage in nearly inevitable, as is the loss of power. If you live in an area prone to flooding, remember this tip: Dish washing machines are watertight. In the event of a flood, place important items and documents into the dishwasher and latch it closed. The items should be safe in there.

Tornados are the least likely, but most dangerous. If you live in area’s prone to tornados. Be sure to stock up on supplies, and have a plan ready for when one comes.

With natural disasters come financial risk. We have an article about financially surviving a natural disaster that you may want to look at. It’s a great resource for preparedness.

Mother Nature is a cold mistress, do your best to be prepared.

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