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Three Provinces Declared National Disasters from Drought

Bad weather isn’t always in the form of a storm, but often the opposite. A major problem happening overseas is a drought in parts of South Africa.

This drought has been hurting the Northern Cape, Western Cape and Eastern Cape the strongest. The head of the Disaster Management Center has stated that after re-assessing the current drought conditions in these provinces, the event is to be reclassified as a national disaster.

“The primary responsibility to coordinate and manage the disaster, in terms of existing legislation and contingency arrangements, is designated to the national executive.”

This has sparked a heavily debated issue of how to best move forward towards mitigating the problem at hand. Some officials are suggesting a reform of the current supply chain, believing its slow transport has hindered the distribution of water.

The National Agricultural Marketing Council has stated that they have gathered a committee of agribusiness, the banking sector, academia, government and other stakeholders in order to figure out a smarter drought management plan and focus on interventions for long-term recovery.

Right now the Western Cape, parts of Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Free State and North West are currently experiencing a drought. The City of Cape Town’s Day Zero has been extended from May 11 to June 4. This is in response to the declined agricultural usage of water.

Water is an essential, and something every prepper needs to be ready for. If you live in an area susceptible to droughts, having sealed containers of water, filtration systems, and rain collectors may be what saves you.

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