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What Happens If You Approach Area 51

The government is full of secrets. And there’s no bigger, more well-known secret than Area 51. Its fame may make you want to go visit it for yourself. But are you prepared for what might happen if you try?

Area 51, a United States Air Force facility formally known as Homey Airport, is infamous for being a top-secret government base. For decades, it was “known” for being where secret UFO/alien technology was held. Due to its fame, people often want to visit the base to see it for yourself, maybe take some pictures. But its the best-kept secret for a reason.

What Would Happen If You Approached Area 51

Homey Airport is based in Lincoln County, Nevada. It is surrounded by miles and miles of hot desert. The entrance to the base is actually miles away from the facility itself.

As you drive along the road approaching Area 51, there will be multiple warning signs. These signs will tell you not to trespass ahead, that photography is not permitted, and that they are authorized for lethal force. Eventually, they will see the sign in the header image. DO NOT CROSS THIS POINT. This is the part that any sane person should stop and turn around.

If you pass this point, a white vehicle, usually a pickup truck, will start following behind you. They will want you to stop. If you stop, you’ll be approached by two men in full camo gear and armed with automatic weapons, sometimes pistols. They will command that everyone present exit the vehicle, hold their arms in the air, and face away from them. They will then approach, frisk everyone for weapons or other devices, and tell them to leave immediately.

If you DON’T stop, well… there’s a reason you don’t hear about what happens after that.

Moral of the Story

Do not approach Area 51. You won’t see anything worthwhile and you’ll be at risk of being issued a very large fine. It’s not worth it. If you do, and the white vehicle people stop you, cooperate fully.

If you want to see some examples without endangering yourself, this video by Darkives has a nice compilation of real-life examples, with footage.

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