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Los Angeles Releases Earthquake Warning App

Fantastic news comes to residents of the Los Angeles area. The city of LA has released their own smartphone app for notifying locals of oncoming earthquakes.

Developed in collaboration with Mayor Eric Garcetti, the city, and AT&T, the ShakeAlertLA app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. It utilizes the US Geological Survey’s early warning system. The same system can be used to halt trains, power lines, and other public infrastructure.

The app provides only a few seconds of warning, however. This is a limitation by the way earthquakes work. When a quake is coming, it will send out a unique wave signal prior to any aqual shaking. The tremors follow a few seconds later. This is theorized why pets become spastic shortly before a quake, as they can detect that initial wave. The detection system also detects that wave.

There are expected issues to be had, however. Similar systems in Japan and Mexico have learned that this often comes with false alarms and missed warnings.

If you live in the LA area, there is little reason to not have this. You can download the app now for Android and iOS.

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