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NWS Warns About Coastal Waves “or Risk Certain Death”

Life on the West Coast isn’t all sunshine and glamour. Low pressure near Alaska is driving major storms toward the western side of the United States. Massive waves are breaching the shore, leading to the National Weather Service to warn the public to “STAY WELL BACK FROM THE OCEAN OR RISK CERTAIN DEATH.”

The dangers are at their greatest in the San Francisco Bay area, with estimated waves as high as 30 to 40 feet tall on Tuesday. Though the entire region between southern Washington and central California are under close watch an additional concern. Even areas as far as Mexico and Canada are under a gale wind and high surf advisory.

The situation on hand prompted the National Weather Service Twitter account to warn the public, citing “certain death” as a valid concern.

Current weather estimations cite no change in the storm plans or direction but assure the public that it will diminish over the next few days.

While not Tsunami scale, major waves like this can cause a slew of issues for local residents. Boat owners, surfers, swimmers, and anyone keen on ocean-dwelling should best stay away until the storms clear up and the waves return to normal. Those living near the bay area should consider additional precautions to keep their homes safe. We have a separate article about minimizing flood damage in your home that covers some essentials.

Mankind has bested nature already. There’s no sense in succumbing to it now.

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