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Prepare Artistically with Middle Earth Maps

With all of the seriousness toward prepping, it’s important to have a little bit of enjoyment with your craft. This doesn’t always have to be in the form of entertainment. It can simply be something as small as a map. Or in this case, a map of Middle Earth.

One of the most famous films of our time is the Lord of the Rings. Based on the book series by J. R. R. Tolkien, the trilogy is considered one of the best fantasy adventures to watch. So inspirational, in fact, that one man has started producing and selling his own line of real-world maps, based on the style and design seen within the fictional world known as Middle Earth.

The idea was started by artist Dan Bell. He started making a line of maps in Tolkien’s style, but of a larger variety of locations. This includes real-life locations like the Great Smokey Mountains and the Dartmoor National Park. Bell didn’t stop there, however, extending his skills to also include other fictional locations. This includes Harry Potter’s Hogwarts and Game of Thrones’ Westeros. He even offers maps with a weathered and aged look to them.

The best part? You can commission a map of wherever you’re wanting. By commissioning a map of your favorite forest or bug out location, you can have something that looks nice while also serving a helpful purpose to you.

This can be a fantastic way to both help your prepping self, while also adding some creative artistry into your life. They’d also make good gifts, I’d imagine, what gamer cousin doesn’t want a map of Skyrim?

Interested in checking out Bell’s maps? You can do so on his website.


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