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Ways You can Minimize Flood Damage

Floods happen. They can’t be stopped. Such is the nature of liquids and all. They’re unfortunately common too, especially in coastal areas. What you can do is mitigate the damage to your property and belongings. Here are some ways to make your home more flood resistant.

Protect Your Home

Renovations to your home can help make it less susceptible to being flooded. Here are a few things that the average homeowner can do.

  • Doors

You can purchase doorways built to be flood resistant, as well as temporary flood boards. This is the most common way water enters buildings during floods.

  • Air Brick Water Defense

Specially designed air brick covers placed place over ventilation bricks can prevent water from getting in during a flood.

  • Drains and Pipes

Installing non-return valves to your drains and water inlet and outlet pipes will prevent water from back-filling into your home.

  • Baseboards

The bottom line of defense. Water-resistant baseboards/skirting boards can keep water from seeping between walls and floors. If you don’t like the investment costs, a waterproof varnish is another option.

  • Get a Sump Pump

You don’t need to be on a boat to need a sump pump. Fitting one in your basement will allow you to pump flood water out of your home, to keep it from accumulating.

Protecting Your Stuff

You’ve proofed your house, but don’t forget your belongings. These practices can mean the life or death of your personal items.

  • Put it on a Pedestal

Is it valuable or irreplaceable? Put it on a high shelf. Water’s biggest weakness is gravity, so high-placed items will be the last to feel it’s cold wet touch.

  • Home Entertainment

Like your TV, speakers, blu-ray, game consoles, and all that? Mount what you can to the wall, and what can’t be, use a tall home entertainment table. Place everything an ideal four feet above the ground.

  • The Dishwasher is your friend

Have electronics or important items and documents you need to last minute save from a flood? Try putting them in the dishwasher. They’re fairly sizable, and when locked, they’re waterproof.

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