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Iran is Ready to Restore Their Nuclear Program

The country of Iran is ready to restore their nuclear program. This decision was in reaction to the United States President Donald Trump’s abandonment of a deal that previously dampened the countries nuclear intention.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif published a statement on Friday that he would make an effort towards international diplomacy and save the deal. But while the discussions take place, the country will begin preparations for restarting their nuclear enrichment program.

While the government has remained formal, the citizens are taking to the streets in large protest. Rallied against Trump and his decisions, Iranians were found burning the American flag after leaving their Friday prayers in Tehran.

Nuclear warfare remains to be the most likely cause of a SHTF scenario. The level of devastation a nuclear strike would cause would kill a massive number of people, irradiating others, and leaving many to fend for themselves. Not only would supplies quickly run out, but desperate people will become increasingly dangerous. These are the exact things that many people prep for.

Stay alert, preppers.

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