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How to Choose the Perfect Prepper Homestead

Location makes a big difference when prepping. Whats near you, and what you can do where you are will no doubt impact one’s ability to sustain themselves. While before we talked about choosing a good bug out location. What about your primary living location? Here are a few things to consider when relocating.

What Are Your Must-Haves?

Everyone has prioritized aspects in a home. These vary based on personal preference. The more of the must-haves a place has, the better. Here are a few suggested must-haves.

  • Accessible and plentiful fresh water nearby
  • Good growing soil for gardens or livestock
  • Moderate climate, should you live power-free
  • Very far from military zones of interest (nuclear power plants, military establishments, places of political interest)
  • Areas free or loose of state and local zoning, easements, HOA rules, etc.
What Kinds of  Towns

Let’s say you found a town that suits your must-haves. We need to make sure this town is sustainable to live in. While you could easily go live off-grid and lone wolf it until you die. There are far better ways to live. Look for a town that has the following.

  • Relatively close to medical facilities, potential employment, stores, and social outings (bars, etc).
  • Far from large cities or urban environments.
  • A welcoming, yet like-minded neighborhood.
  • Little or no pollution-inducing industries, like mining, factories, and the like.

There are easily thousands on thousands of town that could fill all of these, it’s just a matter of finding the right one. Good luck, preppers.

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