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Which Home Defense Firearm is Best for You

Your home is arguably the most important place in a person’s life. You eat, sleep, relax, and prep at home. It’s important to protect it. A common tool of home defense is a gun. But which gun should you choose? Here are a few options to consider, and why.

12-Gauge Shotguns

The classic 12-gauge is one of the most common home defense weapons. They’re size, known potency, and clear and sharp sounds make it terribly intimidating. Their spreading buckshot make hitting your target easier than a regular bullet shot. Though with great power comes great responsibility. Shotguns have a strong punch to them. An unprepared shooter might injure themselves, or lose their hold of the weapon, when met with the recoil. Also, consider the level of collateral damage to your home you’d cause firing one. Even if you hit the target, odds are you’re going to have some buckshot hole or broken lamps.


The other most common home defense weapon, the pistol is a versatile and compact weapon that makes it an easy to use choice in case of emergency. Their biggest appeal is their one-handed usage. You can aim a pistol, while also calling the police, or wielding a flashlight. It’s smaller size means its easier to hold up, and to pull away, should an attacker attempt to grab your weapon. when purchasing a pistol, steer away from “pocket” pistols. Their short barrels cause a significant reduction in accuracy at medium or longer ranges.


This is a more niche option, but it’s valid all the same. If you own large plots of land, a rifle might be your best choice. They’re powerful and long range, making them the best choice for hitting far-off targets. They also can be equipped with scopes and other attachments. You may want to opt for a lower caliber rifle, however. You’re not shooting a bear (unless you are), so the lower punch means less recoil and less over-penetration.

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