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Could the U.S. Military Defend Okinawa from a Preemptive Chinese Attack?

With everything going on in the world today it is hard to sometimes imagine that the U.S. will be able to escape some kind of conflict in the near future with another Super Power, whether it is Russia due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict or China due to the cozy relationship America has with Taiwan.

I’m sure many of you wonder what you’d do in a prepping situation should SHTF and World War 3 starts. Before even considering what we’d do as preppers one must critically analyze whether China could even launch a successful attack on U.S. assets. In particular those closest to China.

I frequent YouTube quite a bit and came across a fantastic video on just such a scenario.

Dubbed “Could The USAF At Okinawa Defend A Full Chinese Air Attack?”. The War Game scenario has China launching a pretty massive Air and cruse missile assault on the island along with some pretty cool dog fights. Check out the video below to see who comes out victorious. The results might surprise you, or they might not.

Thanks to the Grim Reapers YT channel for creating this great content!

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