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Important Items to Keep in a Car in the Winter

Winter is rough, especially on transportation, Sometimes your go-to car simply won’t go. You should be prepared for that.

We recently wrote about the proper snow chain application and usage. Snow chains are one of the best items to keep in your car in the winter, but not the only item. If you’re stranded, stuck, or otherwise out of luck, there’s a number of things you’d need.

It’s important to note, these will be items specifically important for keeping in your car during the winter. Year-round items like flashlights and reflective gear will be omitted in order to keep the article from going on too long.

  • Snow Chains: in case you’re traveling in snow.
  • Ice Scrapper: to ensure that you can see safely out of your windshield.
  • Waterproof Jacket/Boots: Snow is wet, especially when in contact with the heat of a person. Trying to work in the snow is a great way to get soaks and catch an illness. Waterproof gear will help fend that off.
  • Ground Covers: By this, I mean something to place on the ground over top of the snow or wet ground. That way you can kneel down without getting wet or dirty.
  • Warm Clothes: Gloves, Hats, etc. Stuff to stay warm in.
  • Towel: Something to dry things off with. Water will rust tools and produce mildew after all. Maybe pick a ragged looking towel for this.
  • Pocket Warmers: to generate heat.

You don’t realize how helpful these items can be until you need them. Don’t leave yourself in that position.

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