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How to Know When and Where to go Fishing

Fishing. It’s a classic pastime, it’s relaxing, and it can be what feeds you when you’re out there surviving. But you can’t go hog wild with it. If you want fish to bite, you need to know where and when to do it.

The biggest determining factor of your fishing experience is location. Certain fish exist in certain areas, ecosystems, and biomes. Before you can properly prepare, you need to know what to expect.

Find a location by a river, lake, or ocean that has a plentiful population of fish. Make sure that your “spot” isn’t taken up by another fisherman. That’s considered bad etiquette. Our advice: find a spot where the shallow water meets the deep water. Larger fish from the deep water will gather in shallow areas to feed. It also helps that the location you find is one that you enjoy being in for a while. Fishing is a slow game.

Once you’ve picked a location, you research what fish are there to catch. This can be done with local forums, fishing guides, or by identifying what fish you see for yourself (and ID book helps here).

Alternatively, you can go about it the opposite way, decide on a type of fish you want, and do research on where they are. Use that information to choose a fishing spot.

If you’re wanting to eat the fish you catch, it might be wise to consult your local Department of Natural Resources in regards to the cleanliness of the water. Unclean waters can lead to toxic fish.

Now that you know where, how about when? Fish won’t be as likely to bite at any time in the day. Like any animal, they have routines and habits. Most freshwater fish are crepuscular feeders, which means they come out to eat around dawn and dusk. As a result, these are the best times to go fishing.

Before you do any of this, however, get registered with a fishing license appropriate for the location. This will detail the rules and regulations regarding fishing in that area and will keep you out of legal trouble. Sure, licenses mean nothing in off-the-grid living, but while society continues to exist, you should follow the rules. License details will depend on your state.

Happy fishin’, preppers.

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