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Gas VS Electric Lawn Mower: Which is Better?

We’ve heard a great deal about electric cars taking over gas and all that. But does that extend beyond cars? How about lawn mowers? Electric lawn mowers are becoming an increasingly common trend. But are they worthwhile? Let’s compare.

Range: Gas is Better

The main concern for electric products is always the range. Electric motors don’t last terribly long. And even more inconveniently, they take notably longer to recharge. While this can be offset by having two batteries that you swap between, it’s not a perfect solution. Compare this to gas mowers, which can be fully refueled in only a few minutes, with full tanks being enough for almost any lawn. Until you run out of gas in the spare tank, that is. Driving to the gas station can be an inconvenience in its own way. Even so, that’s still faster than charging batteries.

In all fairness: If you have a smaller yard, or don’t mind mowing your front and backyard on separate days. Then an electric mower will pose no issues.

Weight/Maneuverability: Electric is Better

Engines are heavy. It’s a lot of metal, and a lot of liquid fuel you have to sport around. Electric motors and batteries are notably lighter. This means that electric mowers will be easier to move around. While a self-propelling option is available for both kinds, this is an important factor for anyone wanting to forgo that feature to save money.

Price: It’s a Tie

You might assume that an electric mower will cost more, because of the modern technology. But that’s not actually true. While overall price varies by size, features, and brand, they’re generally the same between gas and electrics. A corded (non battery) electric mower can be cheaper, but we don’t like the idea of a corded mower. That’s just asking for trouble.

But what about fuel price? Gas prices fluctuate more frequently than electric rates, so it’s hard to estimate. Even so, on average, electric costs to run an electric mower are smaller per square yard than gas for a gas mower. It’s not much of a difference, we’re talking about 10 bucks less a year, but it’s a difference all the same.

Maintenance: Electric is Better

With electric motors, you don’t have to worry about clean gas tanks, oil systems, spark plugs, or pull chains. They’re relatively maintenance free, really. If you get a brushless electric motor (a bit more expensive, but even longer lasting) then you could go the vehicle’s entire lifespan without needing to do any more than sharpening the blades. Since they don’t use gas, electric mowers are better for the environment, too.

Noise: Electric is Better

Combustion engines are loud. So in turn, so are gas mowers. Electric mowers, while still capable of noise, are notably quieter. There’s no combustion to make a racket. This is great if you live somewhere with particular noise regulations or anything of that sort. You won’t even need headphones or earplugs while running it.

Power: Gas is Better

You can get an electric mower with a tremendously powerful motor. But generally speaking, systems of the same price will see more power from gas than electric. Some electric systems offer dynamic power output to save battery life, but it’s still not much of a comparison. If you have heavy grass or like to mulch thick materials with your mower, gas will do better.

Which is Better: Gas or Electric Mowers?

It’s hard to say. While electric mowers tend to be better in more categories, the ones that gas outperforms are more vital to mower operations.

All things considered, we would say that electric mowers are better for homes in more urban, populated areas that have average or below average sized yards. Gas mowers are better for large yards that need extended work.

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