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Amazon Preps Prime Perks for Whole Foods Customers

If you do not find Whole Foods Market appealing – perhaps the closest store from you is too far for a drive, or maybe you find it more expensive compared to other grocery stores, even with its recent price cuts of up to 43 percent as of Amazon’s acquisition of the establishment – then it may be tough to convince you to shop there. After all, fewer than 20 percent of Amazon Prime members are Whole Foods shoppers, when three-quarters of Whole Foods shoppers are Amazon Prime members (CNBC).

But there is good news for you preppers. Amazon seems to be striving to change that and have more Amazon Prime owners shop at Whole Foods. According to CNBC, Amazon Prime members will soon receive additional benefits when they shop at Whole Foods Market. One such perk? An additional 10 percent off already discounted products – perfect for preppers who want to save as much as possible.

Already the benefits have poured in. For instance, Whole Foods deliver products at no charge to Prime member in certain areas.

I would personally like to see some perks for preppers, including discounts off of bulk purchases such as seeds, packaged meals, etc. Preppers tend to buy in bulk, so discounts on bulk packages would be fantastic.

Hopefully, these changes would counter the increase of the yearly Amazon Prime membership, which jumped from $99 per year to $119 per year. The good news is that there are a lot of changes afoot with Whole Foods for Prime members and customers in general. For instance, there has been an automation investment in Whole Foods and plans to expand grocery delivery to 800 stores by the end of 2018.

So when should we expect these perks? Supposedly soon, but Whole Foods’ current tech may be appearing to cause a delay. Stay tuned for more information regarding this perk program.

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