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Ways Billionaires Prep that We Can’t

Often times, people consider a SHTF scenario the humanization of man. When the world ends, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. That kind of thing. Though in reality, having money sure helps. Maybe not after the SHTF, but certainly before. Here’s how the money makers are prepping.

Super Bunkers

Panic rooms and bug out bunkers are nothing new. They don’t even need to be expensive. We talked about how the average man can build one out of a shipping crate. But when cost isn’t an issue, they get an extra layer of zest.

Instead of your standard hidden room with a few days supplies, camera feeds, and a book to read, the top hat preppers want to still live comfortably when they need to hide out for a bit. Air filtration systems, water purifiers, sleeping quarters, and escape tunnels are the kinds of things you could expect to see there. It’s not impossible to find many high-end houses already having these room prior to living.

Private Islands

When you have millions, you can build tall fences, advanced CCTV security, armed guards, and even a moat if you fancy it. But when you have billions, you can get an island. With far more land, you can develop greater self-sufficiency. you can grow food, hunt, fish, and such. Even better is the solitude. You won’t find a large mob showing up trying to loot what they can when you’re miles off-shore. This also leaves them less susceptible to nuclear fallout.

1%-ers like PayPal’s Peter Thiel and director James Cameron have taken to purchasing islands off of New Zealand. The country is seen as an ideal for bugging out. Though American Millionaires like Mark Zuckerburg and Larry Ellison have opted for private land on Hawaii.

Is it futile?

While they have the cash flow, they may not get the chance to use it. Often times wealthy individuals spend time in high population areas like San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Much business is to be done there. This also means they are more likely to fall victim to an initial nuclear strike, should the situation occur.

Then all that’s left are million dollar BOLs that never get used.

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