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Gardening: Row Covers Make a Difference

An important aspect is being prepared is gardening. Though when disaster strikes, you need to be able to garden in any season, with many problems. This is why I want to cover the idea of row covers.

Row covers are a fantastic way to protect your garden from both frost, and pests. They’re cheap, easy, and effective. They’re helpful with everything from cabbages to grapes.


Frost sucks, it’s a big, cold middle finger to your crops. Hearing that the temperature is going to drop while scavaging for anything and everything to cover your plants can be stressful. This can be easily solved with row covers. Designed for this purpose, the can retain nearly 6 degrees of protection against the weather. That can be a lifesaver when it starts reaching freezing points.


Much in the same way plastic wrap protects our food, this plastic tarp can protect our plants. Bugs aren’t the smartest things, you see. So when there’s a bog protective barrier between them and their desired lunch, they’re stumped. Using stakes, rocks, bricks, or whatever heavy thing you have, you can secure the row cover to the ground for plenty of protection.

Fruit Trees, Berries, and Grapes

Row covers are good for more than ground garden plants. They can be used just as effectively for trees and bushes. When covered properly, row covers will protect your berries, grapes, and other elevated crops from both critters and cold.

If you’re looking for more ways to be prepared, I suggest investing in row covers.

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