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Wildfire in Greece Continues to Spread, Killing 79

Wildfires have been plaguing Greece lately. Families have been forced to the sea to escape the flames. According to reports by the Greek fire department Wednesday, countless homes have been destroyed, over 170 individuals were injured, and 79 lives have been lost.

Rescue teams are still searching the area northeast of Athens, the most heavily affected area. They’re searching home-by-home, checking ruined cars, looking for any further victims. There are numerous missing person reports, which may further add to the death count.

A fire broke out Monday, engulfing the nearby pine forests. It has since spread to nearby towns near Athens. The Attica region, known for their tourism, then declared a state of emergency. By Tuesday, fires were still burning around the capital, while others broke out elsewhere during the night. The fire continues to spread while local officials do their best to mitigate what they can.

Our sympathies to those affected by this disaster. Perhaps we’ll address ways you can reduce the risk of fires in a home, or how to handle home and wildfires in the future.

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