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Locals Suspect Government Cover-Up of a Carolina Uranium Leak

Radioactivity is a common prepper topic. Nuclear war is commonly considered the most likely cause of a SHTF scenario, after all. Though war isn’t the only way radiation can be a problem. Uranium is leaking out of the Westinghouse Fuel factory.

Richland County has been experiencing groundwater pollution for nearly 35 years now, and now it’s suspected to be radioactive contamination. According to a report by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commision, uranium has been leaking out of a 3-inch hole boring 6 feet down from the concrete floor. This is located in the factory zone where acids are used.

Officials with the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control state that there is no reason to believe that this has led to uranium poisoning in the local water supplies. Since the agency has yet to release local ground test results, many locals are distrusting of the DHEC’s statements.

The NRC claims that the local soil contains 4,000 parts per million uranium, a solid 1,300 times greater than average.

This has inspired discussions implying a government cover-up. Nuclear power is already a controversial and expensive process. Many believe that facts are being smudged and covered up to avoid any additional attention toward potentially cost-reducing measures that risk local lives.

Citizens being at risk of nuclear radiation due to government recklessness, what a novel concept.

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