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What Makes a Good Improvised Weapon, and What Doesn’t

While firearms are a common prepper tool for self-protection, they aren’t always a good, or available, option. Sometimes you have to improvise with what’s near you, whether it’s a disposable camera, or sports equipment. Danger can strike anywhere, so it’s important to fully understand what potential means you have to protect yourself are available. Of course, there are far too many potential weapons to try and list them all. But we can give a few examples you may not have considered.

Sticks, Rods, and Other Ways to Keep on Swingin’

Think of the baseball bat. It’s essentially a wooden (or metal) stick. Many people, preppers or not, like to stash a bat near their bedside, in case they are awoken by a late-night intruder. But should you find yourself in an altercation without a bat, literally anything bat shaped would do just as well. An umbrella, a fire poker, pool cue, golf club. In more severe situations, you could even create a club like a tool by breaking a chair or table leg. Though try not to damage property unless it’s serious.

Science is Your Friend

Aerosol cans are bad for the environment, sure. But they can also be fairly bad for an attacker as well. Spray cans and bottles can be a debilitating tool that will undoubtedly turn the tide of an attack. Body spray, air freshener, commercial cleaners. All of these materials, when sprayed into an attackers face, can blind them temporarily, as well as inflict enough non-lethal pain to stop them entirely. If you’re needing something more intimidating, certain flammable spray can be combined with a lighter to create an improvised flamethrower. There is a risk you take with playing with fire, however. Do be careful.

What NOT to Use

Just because everything can be a weapon, doesn’t mean they should be used as one. Media and entertainment have a habit of perpetuating unrealistic ideas. One major example is the broken bottle. Sure it looks cool to bust the base of a bottle on the bartop, but you’re more likely to hurt yourself than someone else. Glass breaks in unpredictable ways, and trying to do this will likely result in a really bad cut.

Another poor example are “mall ninja” items. These are dramatic looking swords, daggers, throwing knives, and so on. It’s easy to be excited about owning some extravagant weapon, but the dramatic design comes at the cost of faulting engineering. The edges will be dull, the metal weak and flimsy, and the ease of use awkward. A katana may be better than a chair leg, but don’t go out of your way to purchase one, thinking it’ll save your life.

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