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How to Block/Barricade a Door

We are living in a hostile time. And while your average American citizen isn’t in any danger, this might be a good time to go over some barricading methods. Here are some of the most effective ways to barricade a door with improvised items nearby.

Things to Check Before Barricading a Door

Barricading isn’t always the first choice. Sometimes you need to assess your options before wasting time and energy blocking it up. 

Check for locks. Locking the door is, more times than not, all it takes to stop an invader. This is especially true in public places that have metal doors instead of wood. Even if it’s a wood door that can be broken down, locking it first can buy you time.

Where can you hide/escape? When planning on barricading a door, you need a follow-up plan. Is there an alternate escape path? Is there a suitable hiding spot? Essentially, what can you do should an invader get past your barricade?

Ways to Barricade a Door

The first thing to check is whether the door opens inward or outward. This, of course, determines what the best way to barricade will be.

For inward opening doors, the main idea is to put something between the door and the room. The most common way, as seen on TV, is to wedge a chair under the doorknob. This may or may not be very effective. It depends on the chair, the knob, and the floor. A more reliable, but more strenuous idea is to move heavy furniture in front of the door. Also often seen in TV, a good solid desk, wardrobe, or cabinet will make a tremendous difference in keeping someone out.

But what if it opens outward? That’s a whole different problem. But it can be barricaded, all the same. The main idea is to use rope or another cord of some kind to hold the door closed; a belt would do. If the door has a top hinge (those blocks and arms you see in offices to slow the speed that it closes), you can wrap the rope/belt around the hinge to keep it from opening.

Idea 2 is to tie the rope around the doorknob and then tie the other end to something big and sturdy. A table or desk leg is ideal, something that is too big to fit through the door. If the rope isn’t long enough, you can also find long sticks or shafts. Broomsticks, flagpoles, etc, and tie the other end to that. Position them sideways and they won’t fit through the door. Similar to when a dog brings a long stick inside, and they get stuck.

It’s terrible that we have to consider this kind of thing. But better safe than sorry.

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