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Why You Should Learn to Shoot with Your Off Hand

Firearm practice is a common prepper practice. It’s important to be sufficient in such an essential self-defense weapon. But in all the regular practice, it’s easy to overlook an entirely possible complication: what if you can’t use your hand?

Offhand shooting is a difficult but extremely helpful ability. Whether it’s an injury, or under restriction, you won’t always have ready use of your main hand. Many firearm enthusiasts and preppers have been getting in the habit of shooting regularly with their off hand in order to improve the expected loss of performance.

The fundamentals of shooting remain the same no matter what hand you use. But when you’re focusing so hard on using your off hand, it’s easy to forget some of them. Your breath control and sight picture/alignment will remain unchanged. The biggest struggle will be with the trigger squeeze. While muscle memory dictates that your main hand’s finger pull the trigger, your other hand doesn’t have that. First times trying this method will undoubtedly result in “your hands not doing what you’re telling them to.”

The biggest thing to keep in mind when practicing this method is to take it slowly and follow all safety rules. With enough practice, you’ll be able to shoot from behind a limited barricade efficiently on either side.

Before you go, be mindful of rifles and shotguns. Since the stock placement is also changed, the difficulty curve for these weapons is even higher. Pistols are generally held in front of you, regardless of hand. While rifles are slightly offset. Offhand shooting is even more inaccurate as a result.

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