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What a Prepper Wishes They had in an Earthquake

Last year, Mexico experienced an earthquake that (quite literally) shook society to its core. It was the exact kind of disaster scenario that we prepare for. But there’s always things you dont think of until its too late. Mexican prepper J.C. remarks on the four items he missed the most when handling the societal collapse resulting from the quake.

A Generator

One of the most simple survival tools, especially in urban catastrophes. While the loss of power wasn’t very long for J.C. in particular, they remarked how others were left without power in their homes for far longer. When you’ve experienced a disaster, the psychological impact of sitting in darkness can be terrible for one’s mental health. A generator would have been really nice around during that time.

A Motorcycle

Roads don’t have to collapse for driving to be dangerous. When there’s no power, there are no street lights. People panic about their situation and traffic becomes congested and chaotic. It’s very easy to feel trapped, knowing how difficult driving away would be. A motorcycle allowed for others to zip around traffic with relative ease.

A Life Straw

This one sounds obvious. The Life Straw is a fantastic tool that has warmed its way into most preppers’ hearts. Though the psychological impact of the device goes easily overlooked. Having a tool that made their water safe to drink proved a valuable reassurance. He at least had a way to drink water safely, should his rations run out. Even in urban environments, the Life Straw was a life saver.

A Power Bank

Prepping isn’t all “little house on the prairie” anymore. We live in a modern age, and we have modern tools. A properly charged power bank can help power these tools. While people’s homes may have power, many residents were not able to return to their homes without risking structural collapse. When you’re stuck camping on the streets, a power bank can keep your phone running for longer. Especially if it’s solar powered.

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