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How to Use the Sun to Survive

The sun is an extremely powerful entity. Not in the way that it can command armies, or deadlift an elephant, but in that it contains a massive amount of energy. You don’t need to be building a smart home to take advantage of this energy, either. It’s a reliable resource to a prepper. Here are a few ways we can use the sun to our advantage.


The sun generates a considerable level of heat. When we concentrate this heat to a singular point, it can ignite. A standard reflective fire starter will even come with a spring center, which can be removed if need be. This rather small device is a fantastic addition to any survival pack.

Power Banks

Converting solar energy into electrical energy is something we as humans have figured out confidently. What a more simple way to utilize this than to charge our electronics? Solar power banks will gather solar energy and store it for easy USB charging whenever you need it. Such as a phone or GPS.

If you need something more hardcore, solar generators are a more industrial, yet expensive, option.


Solar showers are real. They function the same as a portable shower, cascading water held in a large bag suspended above you. They gather power from the sun, which is later used to heat water as it pours over you. This way you aren’t stuck choosing between a stinky body and a cold shower.


Maybe starting a fire isn’t an option. You can still make the sun do your bidding, assuming your bidding is to cook food. Whether it’s a solar oven or a solar thermos, there are non-electrical devices that are designed specifically for manipulating the sun’s rays to cook food. Melt snow in the dead of winter with a thermos, for example.


The literal opposite of cooking food, you can also make things colder, thanks to the solar refrigerator. This one is a bit more scientifically complex, but it could be a lifesaver if you need to keep meats fresh.

The sun us a pretty cool ball of gas. While scientists suspect it’ll go out someday, there’s a good chance it won’t be within the next 100 years. So we better make the best use of it we can.

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