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Things to Consider When Choosing a Vehicle

Purchasing a vehicle is a big commitment, prepper or otherwise. They’re considered an essential item by most people in modern society. A vehicle can be an important prepper resource as well though. Now I’m not saying to go out and purchase a new car just for prepping. But should you find yourself in the market for a new vehicle, here are a few things to consider.

Low Maintenance

Not everyone is going to be a mechanical expert. Nor should anyone expect you to be. While a basic understanding is preferred in vehicle maintenance, the less you need to do, the better. Finding a vehicle that lasts a long time, and is easy to fix when needed will be immensely helpful both in modern living and in a bug out scenario.

Fuel Economy

Fuel is expensive, and you can bet it’ll be even harder to come across in a SHTF scenario. This means farther travel, depending on your bug out destination, and more bang for your buck, should you find yourself with a limited fuel supply.


How big is the car? Can it transport five people plus gear? While a small sedan might be fuel efficient, you’re going to need more than the clothes off your backs. A crossover or an SUV might provide the much-needed storage capacity for supply gathering or bugging out.


This one is less important, it depends more so on why you’re bugging out. If you want to stay discreet and hidden, then you’ll want a quieter car. But if simply escaping to a remote destination with not a single man within miles, then it won’t matter as much.


Can you’re car traverse some rough ground if it has to, are you expecting it to? An off-roader means you can get anywhere you need to, which can be invaluable in emergency situations. If you’re not wanting to invest in a full vehicle, off-road tires can be strapped to the wheels of your current vehicle.

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