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Surviving A Tornado Disaster: A First-Hand Account

Depending on where you live, tornadoes are a legitimate threat to your house and home. But as scary as it is, do you actually know what the experience would be like? This very problem happened to Karen Morris, and she wrote about her time, how she handled it, and what she learned.

In an article on The Organic Prepper, Morris talks about the time a tornado hit her home about seven years ago. It had caused severe damage to the property, forcing her to live out of a hotel for a longer-than-desirable time. All the while, she had kids with another on the way. Throughout the time, she had a few discoveries that she never forgot.

One was in regards to her food. After the property was stabilized, she and her husband went back to collect what food they could. She had managed to collect a pretty high number of non-perishables. But One thing she hadn’t considered was the lack of meal planning. Sure she had black beans and canned pineapple, but making enjoyable foods out of it wasn’t easy.

Another important discovery was in regards to her children. They were going through a traumatic experience, having lost their home for so long, forced into not-fun situations. Having entertainment like movies and games were important to keep their spirits up.

All in all, it took nearly an entire year before their home was fully repaired and back to normal. A big chunk of it, they lived in a hotel, the rest was spent living in the stable but damages home, dealing with drafts, holes, and other unsightly issues.

Morris went through an unfortunate but very realistic scenario. She was very prepared for it. And with any luck, we can learn from what she didn’t expect.

Photo Credit: Joanne Jones

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