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Why You Should Horde Swiss Francs, Not Gold

Often times, people suggest gold, silver, or even alcohol as the ideal currency to use in a SHTF scenario. But there’s one far more viable and realistic alternative out there: different money.

We’ve seen plenty of times where a nation’s currency has failed them, causing chaos and struggle in the entire country. Look at Germany and Venezuela, for example. Many preppers fear a similar struggle with their own home. If the government fails and people stop caring about the worth of the USD, it’s only safe to have a stockpile of something more valuable and non-perishable. But will that even be better?

Consider this: If the nation does collapse and the United States Dollar is worthless, people will resort to bartering, right? Why would these folks accept silver and gold then? Much like the dollar, the value they have is purely conceptual and it would serve no purpose. We’ve written before on why alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee are better barter items. But if you’re looking for long term protection, why not go with a foreign currency.

We propose that everyone should have a stable cache of Swiss Francs.

In 2017, Switzerland was nominated for the country with the most stable economy in the world. Of all places on Earth, you can rely on the Franc to stay stable and strong, regardless of how poorly another currency will fall.

It can cost as low as $350 for a plane ticket to Switzerland, with reasonable quality hotels sitting around $50 a night. But you could find a cheaper one if you tried. Add in $15 a day for food. That would make the cost to travel to Switzerland and live without work for 1 month to around $2,300. That’s just enough time to find a new job and get a more affordable living situation.

Our Idea

Save up about $2,500 and have it converted to Swiss Francs. Either store these Francs in a Swiss bank or physically hidden in your home. That way, if your local currency drops to a disastrous price, you will have enough to relocate to Switzerland and start a new, more stable life there. Just make sure your passport is up to date.

Why live in a struggle with a fistful of gold when you could escape the disaster and live in comfort.

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