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There Are Even MORE Gators In Florida This Month

Man isn’t the only creature in the world. We have to live alongside a number of different animals. Some we hunt for food and fur, others are looking to hunt us. In Florida’s case, it’s alligators. And lately, there are even more than usual.

According to a report by Msn, there has been a spike in gator encounters in Florida and other places commonplace for the giant lizards. The influx of scaly beasts is said to be due to them feeling both hungry, and horny.

Take the following Twitter video for example. A family in Fort Meyers caught footage of a quite large gator crossing the road. This is only one of many recent incidents of gators in public places.

Another case was here with the North Port police, who reported a gator hanging out underneath someone’s car in a Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot, supposedly looking for a mate.

The list goes on, the gators are around jails, on people’s porches, and even in backyard swimming pools.

Most people are chalking up the odd behavior to the start of the gator mating season. But according to Brian Norris of Florida Fish and Wildlife, they might just be hungry. According to Norris, the warmer season boosts the living dinosaur’s metabolism. This causes them to become hungrier more quickly.

“They have to find some food so that’s when we’ll find them on sidewalks and people’s pools. They’re really just out there browsing around.”

Alligators are no joke. Growing to sizes as high as 12 feet long and 60 pounds, they’re powerful jaws and dense muscles make them capable of dealing some serious harm and damage. Not just to people, but to property as well. Whether it’s lawn chair or car wheels, they’ll attack when threatened.

Fortunately, Gators normally only attack when someone is threatening their territory. And since they’re on the prowl in YOUR territory, they are less likely to act aggressively. Regardless, if you encounter a gator, give it a healthy distance at all time, do not approach, and run if you are chased.

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