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Trump Approves Deployment of Troops to Iran

War may be on the horizon. President Trump has approved of the deployment for United States troops to Saudi Arabia as part of a recent conflict with Iran.

The announcement was made at the Pentagon by Defense Secretary Mark Esper. According to him, the US will be deploying military troops and missile defense equipment. It will be a defensive deployment with the intention of mitigating the existing conflict between the two nations.

The United States’ intervention is part of Saudi Arabia’s request that international support is provided to prevent more aggression from Iran.

“In response to the kingdom’s request, the president has approved the deployment of U.S. forces, which will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense.”

With Esper was Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford. He was part of a meeting with President Trump regarding their military option. And while precise numbers were not provided, he assured that it would not be in the thousands. Details on this will be provided next week after discussion with leaders from Central Command.

“[The deployment is meant to] send a clear message that the United States supports our partners in the region … ensure the free flow of resources necessary to support the global economy [and to] demonstrate commitment to upholding the international rules based order that we have long called on Iran to obey.”

What This Means for Us

This has been a controversial announcement by the US Government. Many folks do not trust the current president’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, believing that there may be backdoor dealings or unethical agreements between the two. These folks primarily see this as the US “selling out” their powerful military to Saudi Arabia in exchange for better deals regarding oil. None of this is for certain.

To only make matters worse, the last time Trump was involved with Iran directly, it resulted in them restoring their nuclear arms division. The President had abandoned an agreement the two nations had made to reduce nuclear development.

What this definitely means is that, should the conflict escalate, America will find themselves in a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. This will likely result in changes in guns an ammunition prices, certain regulations set in place, and an increase in taxes to help fund the war.

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