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Self-Defense Tactics for Both Beast and Man

Being able to keep yourself safe is the heart of preparedness. This means more than simply stocking up on supplies. It also means protecting yourself when faced with danger. Whether it’s a mugger or a coyote, having some premeditated techniques to fall back on when attacked can turn the tides of battle. Here are some of the best and most common tactics for self-defense.

Kick their Junk

Some might consider this dishonorable. But honor does little good when you’re dead. One of the most reliable ways to paralyze an attacker is to strike them, with heavy force, to their testicles. While this obviously only applies to males, it doesn’t only apply to humans. While the idea of kicking a bear in the balls may sound strange, but it’s a surefire way to get them running for safety.

Just a Good Ol’ Fashioned Stabbing

This may sound a bit severe, but when its a life or death scenario, an improved tool is more effective than just your fists. Whether its a stick, a rock, a screwdriver, or your car key, a swift strike at your attacker will effectively injure them, and possibly incapacitate them. Be mindful, however, how potentially lethal this can be. A well-placed stab will kill, you may wish to avoid this option if you’re not wanting to kill them.

Don’t Boop the Snoot

Aside from testicles, the nose is another high-nerved area prone to pain. You may have heard the myth that punching a shark in the nose is a good way to get it to leave you alone. Have you ever punched underwater though? It isn’t easy. In actuality, Striking the eyes will be an easier method of disabling your attacker. This advice is usually given in regards to animal attacks, but it applies to humans too.


This is another more common suggestion for animal attacks. Make yourself large and loud. Standing up tall, opening your jacket, and screaming like a banshee with a stubbed toe will startle and intimidate animals that get aggressive. Be wary though, as this might not fool all creatures into running away. As for humans, being loud still applies, but instead of looking large, look crazy. If you appear psychotic and unpredictable, your attack will be caught off guard and may lose their previously established constitution.

Hand Down The Throat

This one is the most animal based. Should you find yourself being bitten, your first instinct might be to pull away. Biting animals, such as dogs, have powerful jaws, and teeth designed to hold on. If you want to break free from their grasp, push your arm/hand/whatever-they’re-biting further into their mouth. The choking sensation will take over, and they’ll spit you back out. Alternatively, shoving your hand down someone’s mouth will be extremely discomforting and off-putting to a human attacker.

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