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OPSEC: The Safety in Secretly Prepping

Most people aren’t preppers. It’s an unfortunate reality, but on 1-2% of the world’s population is considered preppers. That means 98% of the people around you are going to be in serious trouble when disaster strikes.

After three days, they’ll be out of food. After a week, stores will be raided clean. With enough desperation, they’ll resort to begging or violence. You can’t possibly provide for them all. But when you’re prepared and they aren’t what are you to do? This question is only made harder if it’s your family.

This is why there’s OPSEC

OPSEC stands for “Operational Security.” It is a military term used to describe when information about what you’re doing is best kept secret. While this is usually meant to keep information from the enemy, it can be applied here. Fortunately for us, our friends and families arent actively seeking for someone to bug out to when things hit the fan.

OPSEC for us works in 2 areas: hiding our preparations, and hiding how prepared we are when things break bad.

Protect Your Prep

Depending on the degree of prepping you do, someone might notice. If you’re simply stocking up on nonperishable foods, and purchasing fireproof and waterproof safes, no one would really bat an eye. But if you’re renovating your home to further fortify it, that might lead to questions. It’s the exuberance that people notice. If you’re receiving literal pallets worth of food or water, people will know you’re stocking more than your weekly groceries. The same applies to firearms. Unless it’s Texas, you probably shouldn’t go around bragging to the neighbors about the degree of artillery your packing.

Deception can be used in place of hiding. Stocking up water? Why you’re investing in a hot tub, of course! Installing solar panels? Gotta cut down that electric bill somehow! Sometimes you can’t hide your activities, so a less suspicious lie might buy you more security.

Low-Key When All is Lost

This is where we see the worst of people. When faced with disaster, animalistic behaviors break out. Assuming no one already knows what you have, hiding what you’re doing becomes the most important thing. Made a delicious meal? If it’s strong smelling, hungry wanderers might catch on. Granted the problem is more prevalent in an urban environment than rural or suburban, but its one to be mindful of all the same.

Has the neighborhood lost power? Then you shouldn’t be blasting your generator-powered lights at night. You become a beacon of resources. Same applies to audio equipment.

Some things cannot be hidden, such as farm animals and gardens. Having efficient fencing can help prevent strangers from sneaking in and stealing these. Lockable barns and greenhouses are a plus. If you can’t hide it, protect it.

The anonymity of the Internet allows us to share thoughts, ideas, and information. While it’s normal to be excited about your prepping, be mindful of who you tell.

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