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Mr. Prepper is a Survival Strategy Video Game

In a way, being a prepper is a game of strategy. So it makes sense that there would be a strategy survival video game based on prepping. We’re talking about Mr. Prepper, an upcoming video game for PC.

Mr. Prepper is, as mentioned, a survival strategy game developed by Rejected Games and published by PlayWay. The player controls a homeowner, viewing a sideways cut-out of their home. The risk of nuclear war is at an all time high and you’ve decided to start prepping for disaster.

Expand your home underground building gardens, work stations, and vehicles. Explore around your town, finding salvage and important materials, all while avoiding the detection of a secret police that wants to keep you complacent.

Currently in development, the full game is not yet available. Interested folks can download and play the free demo now, however, available on the digital game storefront Steam. Additionally, the developers have released Mr. Prepper Prologue, a separate stand alone game that expands on the story of the main game. The Prologue is also free to play.

Since the game is not released yet, we can’t attest to if the game is actually enjoyable or not. But it certainly looks fun.

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