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Avoid Voter Suppression, Hand Deliver Your Ballot

Election day grows closer. And people are growing increasingly concerned about acts of voter fraud being committed by certain parties. To help avoid this, people are recommending an often overlooked option: Hand deliver a mail-in ballot.

To put frankly, the Trump administration knows that their main follower-base will be willing to ignore pandemic protocols for the sake of voting, while those that oppose them are inclined to stay home and away from public gatherings. so they’re doing everything they can to prevent people from successfully voting from home. The primary way they are doing this is to cut off resources from the United States Postal Office.

Actions like this is textbook dictatorship behavior. Suppress the vote in your favor in order to keep a hold on power. But people are aware of this method and have their own way to keep it from working.

As it turns out, you don’t need to actually send a mail-in ballot through the mail. While that’s the obvious intention behind them, you can simply hand deliver the ballot to the appropriate location. This ensures that your vote is actually collected and counted, and not “lost” in the mail.

You fill out and seal an absentee ballot like usual. But instead of sending it off through the post, you can deliver it to your local board of elections. They can be delivered at any point before the polls close on election day. The actual date and locations involved will vary by where you live. So be sure to look up the relevant information. Some locations might have boxes or bins to drop the ballots off in, others can simply be given to the front desk clerk.

This is a critical point in American history, one that can very much hinge on whether the American people vote or not. We urge everyone to do what they can to ensure their vote is submitted.

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