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Far Cry 5 Shows Preppers in a Better Light

Whenever prepping is portrayed in the media, it’s done so in a not-so-great light. Preppers are presented as obsessive and insane conspiracy theorists, neglecting social health and physical hygiene. Obviously, that’s not a fair representation of what most preppers are like. A recently released video game almost does this justice.

Far Cry 5, a recently released video game, is a first-person shooter that tells the story of a policeman enacting vigilante justice on a religious cult that’s overtaken the Montana countryside. Throughout the player’s adventures, they meet a number of local preppers, who aid them in their endeavors. They don’t like the militant level of brainwashing and control the cult has in their home either, it seems. Should the player manage to get past their elaborate fortifications, the prepper will provide them with various provisions of value.

Throughout the game, the preppers are seen as the logical, precautious citizen. They prepped in case of emergencies, such as the government fallout they’re currently experiencing.

While the game still is a bit over the top in all of its representations, this is one of the first times a major title has given a more fair view at what preppers are like, and why the prep.

I certainly don’t encourage you attacking your local pastor. I do hope that more major video games follow suit, showing what a good prepper is really like.

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