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Hurricane Florence Brings Out Looters, Arrests

Far too many people believe that, in a SHTF scenario, they’d survive by scavenging. But there’s a lack of reality there, and the recent hurricane Florence shows proof of this. With the recent natural disaster happening on the east coast, looting has broken out, and a number of arrests have been made.

According to reports, five suspects have been arrested by Wilmington police for breaking into and raiding a Family Dollar on Greenfield Street. The area gained local attention when a video of people leaving the area with armfuls of goods running from the scene went viral online. This has prompted full investigations into the looters, as well as a curfew for the area.

“In response to looting in the area, an extended curfew is now in place for the block between 13th, 14th, Greenfield and Martin Streets. This curfew went into effect at 5 pm and will remain in effect until 6 am. The citywide curfew will run from 10 pm until 6 am.”

This shows us a few things. The first being that, even in non-SHTF events, looters will be quick to act. You cannot rely on scavenging for supplies in urban areas, because someone else likely did so before it was even abandoned. The other is that it’s still a detainable offense; it’s literally stealing. Scavenging should only take place in public areas or in the event of a total government absence.

The smart prepper doesn’t have to scavenge. Instead, they stock up and have everything they need to be self-sustaining before any disaster takes place.

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