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How to Not Be Foolish With a Concealed Carry Weapon

With the recent social climate and the difficulties with mass shootings in the United States, concealed carry weapons have become an increasingly controversial topic. People become frightened if they see someone with a gun, licensed or not, and want to see them barred from the public. While at the same time, people feel that now is the most important time to carry a weapon, should they find themselves met with such dangers. Because of this tightrope walk, it’s important that those practicing concealed carry do so responsibly and wisely. here are a few things you should consider before leaving home with your weapon.

Wear the Right Clothes

The point of a concealed carry is that it’s concealed. It should only be visible when drawn. if your clothing is too tight, it will show an imprint of your weapon, while clothing with too short of hems will end up revealing a weapon everytime you reach over your head. Good intentions or not, someone accidentally seeing your firearm is a good way to cause a panic. Make sure your outfit conceals your weapon properly.

Have the Right Holster

The other purpose of a concealed carry is to have immediate access to your weapon should a scenario occur. Not all holsters will effectively hold and conceal your weapon while still offering that quick access. We recommend avoiding you purchase a holster online, unless it’s made for your exact weapon model. Otherwise, shop locally. With consent, many gun and hunting stores will allow you to test and feel out a holster before you buy. Find one that hides well, feels comfortable, and won’t hinder you.

Have the Right Attitude

This doesn’t apply to everyone. But every so often, there’s that one guy who gets a concealed carry weapon, and suddenly considers himself Superman. Your weapon is for use in emergency, life or death scenarios. If you go looking for trouble, you’ll likely find it. Each time you do, the odds of you coming out of it dead increase. Don’t flaunt your concealed carry badge, don’t go looking for someone to save. It’s protection, not a superpower.

Have the Right Size

Yes, yes, there’s the joke that men with small penises will overcompensate with a large gun. Maybe it’s true, maybe not. But a large gun won’t help you with a concealed carry. You don’t need a large caliber pistol to stop an attacker. You also don’t need the precision muzzle, flashlight attachment, and laser guide (ok, maybe keep the laser guide). You want a weapon that’s small enough to carry around constantly, no bulky handguns.

Be in the Right Place

Or more specifically, don’t be where you shouldn’t. More times than not, when a person with a concealed carry gets in legal trouble, it’s because they brought a gun somewhere they shouldn’t have. If an area or establishment has clearly marked “gun free zone” signs, then you should respect that. If you still fear that “an attacker could still bring a gun in there and hurt people,” then you should avoid the area altogether. Government buildings, libraries, and especially schools, are common areas that you’re more likely better off leading the firearm at home. If you aren’t sure about a place, call and ask!


It all basically boils down to two things: Keep your weapon hidden away, and obey the rules. If you can follow that, you shouldn’t have many issues.

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