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How Your Kids can Stay Safe at a School Shooting

School shootings are unfortunately too common in the United States. Resolving a national issue like that is no easy task, but there are things you can do to keep you (or your children) safe. There are 3 things one can do when dealing with an active shooter, at a school or otherwise.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but knowing how to run to safety is still important. The main goal when fleeing a shooter is to not be within sight. This means turning corners or behind objects should take priority over getting far away. If reliable cover can’t be found, then running in an irregular pattern (not a straight line) will make you a harder target.

School policies will likely have a designated shelter for events of this nature. Unfortunately, these locations are not always reliable. If the shooter is a student themselves, then they will already be familiar with this procedure. When hiding, the discretion of the hiding spot is more important than the durability. High caliber bullets can break through most materials, even cinderblocks. Safely stowing away in a hard to find location will be safer than behind the kitchen counter. Out of sight, out of mind.

This is a dangerous idea and should be a last resort for self-defense. Rushing and tackling a shooter can effectively stop them, but at a huge risk to your own life. If you are far away enough to run and hide, then you absolutely should. This idea is only for if you happen to be in a position to do so with a reliable rate of success, right next to or behind them, for example. I cannot stress enough the dangers involved doing this.

Knowing these things can help you survive a shooting. Keep calm and remember what you’ve read. School’s will have procedures in place, and unless otherwise too risky, those should be followed. One additional measure you can take is backpack body armor. This is a plate of bulletproof material designed to fit inside of your backpack. This effectively protects you from any direct shots to the back (like when running away). Most models can be purchased for around $130.

Stay safe, preppers.

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