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Rabbits, the Ideal Apartment Livestock

Apartment life has its limits, particularly when it comes to pets. Most apartments in America cannot be bought to own, which means you’re at the whim of the rules set by your renter. If you’re a prepper looking to start getting into livestock, you probably shouldn’t have an apartment. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and it may be your only choice. But fear not, there’s still an option for you.


They’re small, quiet, and generally easy to care for. The cost of handling is on the lower end of the livestock spectrum, and rabbits offer a fair bit of resources. Rabbit meat is a common meal protein, their furs can be useful, and their poo makes for good fertilizer. Best of all, most apartment complexes will allow for rabbits.

It is important to note that this is if they’re livestock. There’s nothing wrong with pet ownership, but this article is detailing them as livestock. You’ll have to practice sanitary butchering techniques and be prepared for the emotional burden therein.

Pet or otherwise, be sure you have the space, funds, and time needed to raise rabbits before you start jumping in on the idea. If you live in a small space, or you aren’t home very much, it may be better to opt out of animal husbandry. The average rabbit lives 10 years, after all. That’s a long commitment.

If you have a bug out location, be sure to have it prepped and ready for rabbit care as well. Should the day come that you need to bug out, you’ll want to take your rabbits with you.

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