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How To Build A Survival Oven Out of Rocks

You can’t always have what you need. You need to be able to survive without technology. And there is no greater aspect of survival than eating. Here’s how to build a safe and reliable oven out of nothing but rocks.

There’s a weird contradiction to preparedness. In theory, if you are prepared, you won’t need to struggle with survival. But at the same time, preparedness being able to survive without the modern comforts we are used to. For example: you’re stranded in the wilderness and need to eat. You managed to catch some fish with a spear, but you need to cook it. Why not try a stone oven?

Here’s a step by step instruction, with images and video, on how to make an open faced oven with nothing but a bunch of rocks.

Step 1: Location
rock stone oven wilderness survival build

First things first, you need some rocks. River beds and other rock-heavy locations are good places to look for. You also need to build the oven itself somewhere good for cooking. An area with a strong breeze or uneven terrain won’t do.

Step 2: The Lower Section
rock stone oven wilderness survival build

The first thing to build is the are the fire will be in. Gather rocks of all shapes and sizes. Stack them into three walls, like in the image. Do you’re best to not allow any gaps in the rock walls. You can use river clay or dirt to help fill/mortar. Stack until the inner area is about 8-10 inches tall. Once you reach that point, use a long, flat stone to “roof” off the lower section. This large piece, known as the ledge stone, acts as a barrier between the fire below and the cooking area above.

Step 3: The Upper Section
rock stone oven wilderness survival build

Used for cooking, the upper area is next. Stack more rocks along the sides of the oven structure. Once you reach the Ledge stone, continue to build up. This is to give more stable reinforcement. Stack in a similar but slightly smaller shape as before, three walls. Build at least 5 inches high and top off with another long flat stone for a roof.

You’re Done!

That’s it! The oven is built. Light a fire in the lower section and keep it going. It will make the upper section into a heated cooking zone for you to place meats, veggies, mushrooms, or whatever food you find. If you do it carefully, you could use it to make jerky, ensuring freshness. Even if you never have to build this to survive, it’d make for a fun camping activity.

Special thanks to Bob Hansler for the footage.

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