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Recent Filing Looks to Regulate “Ghost Gun” DIY Kits

If you’re tuned into modern firearm culture and politics, you likely have heard of the concept of “ghost guns.” These are guns that are, more or less, built by the buyer from separate pieces. People can purchase separate components relating to a gun and construct it.

The legality of ghost guns is controversial. This is mainly because the process does not require the background checks or serial numbers in which standard firearms are subject to.

Why bring this up? Earlier this month, the United States Department of Justice submitted a final regulatory rule to the Federal Register. The rule is targeted towards ghost guns, believing that they are part of the increased number of public shooting in the country. The rule would classify unfinished gun kits the same way as completed guns and put them under the same regulations. This would go into effect 120 days after publication from the Federal Register.

This move has struck controversy itself, however, as nearly all gun laws do. Anti gun violence organizations claim that ghost guns are on a rapid rise in usage, especially for use in illegal activities. Meanwhile, pro-gun advocates claim that these kits are too complex for the average person and that a majority of gun crime is done with stolen or black market weapons. Studies on the matter have shown evidence that support both sides claims.

Generally speaking, those in the prepper world are in favor of firearm ownership. They provide an invaluable asset in moments of survival and self-defense. But issues like this are more nuanced than that. We won’t tell you what we think you should think. Everyone is entitled to their own ideas, perspectives, and opinions, and we support that. All we aim to do is keep everyone informed.

With that said, we’d prefer to get our guns the normal way, already built. The last thing we need is to try to protect ourselves and end up blowing our own hand off with a home-built pistol that we messed up on making.

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