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How Silver is the Best Prepper Currency

Silver is a fantastic metal. From science to economics, the element has plentiful uses. It’s been a part of human society for over 1,000 years. While other currencies become increasingly more volatile, silver remains. It’s the ideal bartering tool in a post-economic disaster.

Why Not Gold?

It’s true that gold and silver function nearly the same in society. But the main issue with gold is the cost. At the time of writing this, gold costs exactly $1,313.70 per ounce. The same amount of silver only costs $16.50. To invest in gold as a bartering tool is like only carrying $1,000 bills (I know that isn’t a thing) for a flea market that doesn’t issue change.

When you need to barter for something important, such as medicine, you’re forced to give away far more value than necessary.

It’s Easily Established

Everyone knows the value of silver, or at least that it’s valuable. Judging if four cans of food are worth an ounce of silver is far easier than determining if a box of wrenches is worth said food. Having something that can act as a frame of reference makes bartering easier for both you and the other party.

It’s also valuable in the sense that the need for it doesn’t change. A weening alcoholic will pay more than $20 for a $20 dollar bottle of booze if he’s desperate enough. If someone is in need of more silver, they barter their own goods for an amount equal to the goods’ value. The stability means it won’t fall by the wayside when things get worse.

Prepper Silver

Kolga recognizes the bartering potential of silver, and have developed special plates for just such a purpose. They sell silver in 4-8 ounce increments, which are shaped into evenly measured segments that can be broken down.

There is no denying that silver is the most practical for purchases, but one company has made true prepper silver that takes that practicality to another level. Kolga silver is designed with preppers in mind. They offer 4, 5 and 8-ounce bars of silver that are designed to be broken down into smaller increments. Imagine if you could rip a dollar bill in half, and it became a valid 50 cents. More information about them can be found on their website.

If you’re stockpiling precious metals for a SHTF scenario, silver is the way to go.

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